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Desert Landscape looking like an Oasis

Southern Nevada homeowners are conscious of the water shortage in the desert. Since SNWA introduced the drought-related water restrictions, the landscapes of our communities began to reshape. Since 2003 grass front yards are banned at new developments and homeowners of older properties are incentivized to remove water thirsty lawns from their front yards. Together, residents, businesses and municipalities have removed thousands of acres of turf, planted desert landscaping and curbed water waste. Major strides have been accomplished over the last few years lowering the 314 gallons per person per day to about 205 gallons in 2014.

In order to preserve an aesthetically appealing look, artificial turf has grown in popularity in the region. Increasing demand for synthetic turf has shaped the market. Today, there is a wide range of artificial turf ranging from basic styles often used on sport fields to anti-fade silky turf with yellow and brown threads for more realistic look. Due to the fact that close to 50 percent of Southern Nevada households claim at least one animal, pet-friendly, mold resistant styles have been in high demand. Most styles are usually warrantied for at least 8 years.

With improvement in synthetic technology, even artificial trees and plants have been seen in outdoor environments. More and more artificial plants will be planted in drought-stricken areas, especially on the side of freeways and other places with limited access to water.

Put simply –artificial turf can provide an appealing green area without wasting water. If other benefits are put into perspective such as: decreased labor, no fuel for lawn-mowers and trimmers, the one-time investment pays off in a relatively short period of time. For the environmentally-conscious homeowners it may be an added value that there are no fertilizers and chemicals required for maintenance.

XL Landscape Development is licensed in installing Commercial and HOA landscape conversions. XL Landscape incorporates artistic boulder and cobble design elements along with colorful, lush flora to enhance the value and upgrade the exterior of every property. In some cases, depending on the existing terrain and desired desert landscape, the conversion can be executed for the amount of the rebate check issued by SNWA*. The experienced XL team manages every aspect of a landscape conversion: from arranging the pre-conversion site visit, to meeting the SNWA's specific design and installation requirements.

Turf conversions provide and approximate water savings of $.20/square foot annually ($8,600/per acre). For commercial properties and HOA the savings can be in thousands of dollars.

*SNWA provides a rebate of $2.00 for the first 5,000 square feet of grass and $1.00 for each square foot thereafter (maximum rebate is $300,000).

Currently, XL Landscape offers a complimentary property walk-through and conversion estimate. For inquiries, please email us at:; or call: 702.598.1711.


Cactus landscape is ideal for Desert climate


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