Landscape Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches and people come out of “hibernation”, so does your landscape. While many plants and trees go dormant in the winter, almost everything goes into a state of “suspended animation” as the cold weather drastically reduces the plants growth due to cold weather, ground temperatures and reduced sunlight (photosynthesis). While in this state, the plant conserves and stores energy for preservation. As the weather warms, the plant rejuvenates and the stored energy is released resulting in flowers, new leaves, fruit, new roots and overall growth. This is why timing is so important for such activities such as hard pruning, fertilization and new planting. Right about now, in February through early April, is the best time to do a good facelift to you landscape. Activities such as hard pruning trees and shrubs, before the plant rejuvenates, is vital as you don’t want to interrupt the energy being released from the new growth by the plant having to heal or repair itself from the cuts; similarly for the root systems when transplanting. It’s a great time for new planting as the potted plants you receive from the nursery are also rejuvenating and the new roots will be energized and most aggressive coming out of dormancy. Fertilization this time of year adds to the plants vigor, like an athlete taking nutritional supplements to spur even better performance. In all, planning work on your landscape whether it be adding plants, selective pruning or a major renovation is ideal this time of year. In the southwest we can landscape all year round, but early spring is optimum. In addition, the cool nights gives the transplants a break from the release of energy, less water is needed for establishment before the hot season arrives and if you plan it right, you’ll have a beautiful looking landscape project just in time for summer activities and events.

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